Chapter 26

I tell her, calmly: before you go to bed, I need to ask you something. How much debt are we in that you have not told me about?

None*, she says. Then: oh, well you know about the credit card.

Yes I say, but that’s almost paid off, right? How much is left on it?

Not much, about £250*.

Right. And there’s nothing else?

No*. Well…I have some PayPal Credit.

PayPal Credit? What’s that?

It just allows me to get some things delivered without paying for them.

And how much do you owe on that?

Just some bits and pieces. About £400*.

Right. Is there anything else?

No*. Why are you asking?

Just curious*. Right, so nothing else I need to know about then?

No, I told you that’s it*.

Ok. And how are you paying them off?

Just with the money you give me each month.

Okay. Night.


Now I know how easily she can lie while looking me in the eye. It gives me chills.




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