Chapter 11

I found out recently that half the Canadian population lives below the red line in this map:


Canada itself has a tiny population in proportion to its size, approximately 36 million people at last Google. A little over a tenth that of the US. California alone has more people in it than the entire country of Canada. The tiny island of the UK has almost twice as many people living on it as live in the entirety of Canada.

That little space below the red line may seem like a tiny space for roughly 18 million people to live. However, according to my extremely unscientific comparison of that area to England, they’re roughly the same size, yet England packs 60 million people in, with room to spare. They’ve got plenty of elbow room there in Canada, even with half the population cosying up together in the same little area.

My tired mind last night tried to convince me that this uneven distribution of Canada’s population could be turned into a metaphor for the way I think and behave. On this morning train journey, I’m rolling my eyes at how contrived that seems. However, let’s go with it. Soon there will be another post and this one will be forgotten.

That bit below the red line, maybe that’s the routine I build for myself. The way I think about myself. The good and the bad. And that bit above the red line, that is opportunity. Opportunity to be a better person. To address my weaknesses. To explore who I am. It’s all still me, above that line, but untapped, unused, because I stick to my little comfort zone. Yet there’s no reason why I can’t stick to my comfort zone for the things that are good and healthy for me, and perhaps explore the rest of that enormous, beautiful space beyond for the parts of me that need fixing, or need revealing.

So there. A clumsy metaphor but I’ll go with it. Time to ask myself why I make the choices I make, and maybe give myself the opportunity to explore above my red line. There’s so much out there.

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